Interactive RnD

Conceptually I am fascinated with the human ability to combine various sensorial experiences together. People that can taste colors, or smell sounds etc.

When I was a child I remember having experiences with my eyes closed that If I moved my arms I could see light; although probably not synesthesia and just a product of a vivid imagination. The experiences is part of me. 

In this effort I am trying to re enchant the user with the experience of touching a visual object. Today we take touchscreen experiences for granted, but I think it is a very magical process if we get a way from the utilitarian approach and into the artistic exploration. 

By using our hands there is a direct connection to fine arts and our subconscious way of creating and exploring

Synesthesia is defined as – the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.

These types of interactive experiences can be extended to various places – from a full screen immersive experiences where your body or the crowd is the interactive input to a touchscreen personal experiences also vr, ar, and many more. 

Synesthesia – Touching Visuals.